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  1. Whether Payment through RTGS/NEFT System are elegible for deduction U/S 40A(3) or Not
  2. Interest on loan transferred from one bank to another - exemption under income tax
  3. Whether U/s 40A(2) of I.T.Act are applicable to an Audior
  4. How do we find the cost of aquisition of C.A.,if cost of privious owner is missing
  5. No TDS on distribution of assets on liquidation
  6. Whether TDS is to be deducted or not no the Tour Packages or Travel Agents ect.
  7. Is audit report required to be submited with I.T. Authority,if return is not filed
  8. Whether The Society is eligible for registration U/s 12A of the I.T. Act
  9. How are the Provisions related to Royalty payment are applicable to a PAN foreigner?
  10. Whether a Minor can give any type of Loan or Funds to the trust of his Intrest ?
  11. Can an assessee claim HRA if he is already claim exemption for self occupied house ?
  12. Can a Joint co-owner claim HRA benefit through payment of rent to another Co-owner?
  13. what qualification require to take bank audit apart from chartered accountant?
  14. What are the Audit Ceiling Limits ?
  15. Service provided by a Foreign Citizen in foreign 2 Indian High Commision, is taxable?
  16. Exemption to a company SMC in previous year but Non SMC in current year.
  17. whether exemption of u/s 54 of IT Act is available in case of gifted house?
  18. What are the provisions related to pension ?
  19. whether or not we can Set off the Business losses against our forex gain?
  20. Is assessee bound to submit the declaration Form 15G/15H for not deducting the TDS?
  21. Is an assessee repay the amount of loan out of capital gain
  22. Can an assessee liable 2 pay tax on conversion of agriculture land into non-agricul.?
  23. whether an assessee is eligible to claim deduction u/s 54 in the given case.
  24. what will the amount of Net Sale Consideration for calculating Exemption U/s 54F ?
  25. What will be the Capital Gain in case of Lump Sum Sale Consideration receive ????
  26. Can we Set Off or B/F STCL on shares on which STT has been paid against LTCG ??
  27. Is an unabsorbed depreciation Set Off against Long Term Capital Gain ?
  28. What will the remedies available to the assessee in the Given case ???????????
  29. Cenvat Credit on capital goods procured before the date of production - Eligibility?
  30. For Tax Audit purpose-How the T.O. of F&O Transaction would b determined 4 Shares?
  31. Whether Borewell can b treated as asset,if yes, what r d rate of depre. allowable ?
  32. Wht r d provisions related 2 Additional Depreciation under I.T. Act:In the given case
  33. Depriceation on the vehicle puchased in previous year & reg. with RTO in current year
  34. If an asset recev. as compensation in relation 2 compulsory acquisition was sold:-What is Tax Treatment in this regard ?
  35. How much the amount of Tax to be deducted from monthly Rent Rs 12,000 as TDS ?
  36. whether or not the Quaterly E-TDSTCS return for the Quarter ending on 31st Dec.,2009 has 2 b filed as the position is not yet clear ?
  37. What are the limit and rules for obtaining deposits from NRI into sole propritory partnership business: Describe ?
  38. If foreign company transfer shares of indian company to its subsidiary company without consideration : Describe tax implication.
  39. Tell me about the control according to Nexus Theory & Describe U/s 9
  40. Residential Status in India
  41. Query Related to U/s 9 of Income Tax Act
  42. Meaning Of Relatives U/s 80C
  43. Query Related to Exemption under HRA [i.e.,U/S 10(13A)]
  44. New Income Tax Rates for Individuals:
  45. Depreciation Rates as Per Income Tax Act
  46. Depreciation Rates as Per Company Act
  47. UTN under Income Tax?
  48. TDS Rates for the Financial Year 2009-2010
  49. Formats of Blanace Sheet
  50. Clause by Clause - Changes made / proposed in the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide Finance Bill, 2010 (to be Finance Act, 2010)
  51. Implementation IFRS in India
  52. MAT - Minimum Alternate Tax
  53. Waiver of loan - treatment in books of accounts
  54. Latest RBI guidlines and circulars which have impact on Bank Branch Audit
  55. Quaility in Audit
  56. Increase in quantum of taxable turnover for the purpose of Tax Audit under section 44AB
  57. Excise Duty and Customs Duty on LED - light emitting diodes (LED) or LED products
  58. What is Income Tax?
  59. What do you mean by "income earned in India"?
  60. Who administers the Income-Tax Act?
  61. What is the period for which a person's income is taken into account for purpose of Income tax?
  62. What is an "Assessment Year"?
  63. Who is supposed to pay Income Tax?
  64. Is Income tax Act applicable only to residents?
  65. Who is a resident?
  66. How can I know whether a company is resident or non-resident?
  67. How is resident/ non-resident status relevant for levy of income tax?
  68. I am an Indian scientist, who had gone abroad on a government project. Should my return of income include income earned/received abroad?
  69. What does the Income Tax Department consider as income?
  70. Are all receipts considered as income?
  71. What are revenue and capital receipts?
  72. Is income tax levied on gifts received by a person?
  73. I own shares of various Indian companies and receive dividends. Is it taxable?
  74. I am a religious preacher and earn money from preaching. Do I have to pay tax and file return?
  75. Can I claim deduction for my personal and household expenditure in calculating my income or profit?
  76. Most of my income is given away in charity and I am left with just enough to meet my personal requirement. What will be considered as my income?
  77. My daughter stays in USA. She owns a house in India and has let it out. She has asked tenants to pay rent to me so that I can a lead decent life. She
  78. My children living abroad send me Rs.20000/- per month for my maintenance. Would this be considered as my income?
  79. Is there any limit of income below which I need not pay taxes?
  80. I am an agriculturist. Is my income taxable?
  81. What is agricultural income?
  82. Is income from animal husbandry considered as agricultural income?
  83. Do I have to maintain any records or proof of earnings?
  84. As an agriculturist, am I required to maintain any proof of earning and expenditure incurred?
  85. I win a lottery or prize money in a competition. Am I required to pay taxes on it?
  86. How does the Government collect Income-Tax?
  87. How will I know how much Income tax I have to pay?
  88. Does every person have to keenly follow the annual Finance bills?
  89. When do I have to pay the taxes on my income?
  90. What is the procedure for depositing tax?
  91. In the challan there are terms like "Income tax on companies" & "Income tax other than companies". What do they mean?
  92. How is advance tax calculated and paid?
  93. What is regular tax and how is it paid?
  94. What are the precautions that I should take while filling up the tax payment challan?
  95. Do I need to insist on some proof of payment from the Banker to whom I have submitted the challan?
  96. How can I know that the Government has received the amount deposited by me as taxes in the bank?
  97. What is the procedure to be followed to view my Tax passbook/Tax statement?
  98. What should I do if my tax payment particulars are not found against my name in your website?
  99. Is my responsibility under the Income tax Act over once taxes are paid?
  100. What can I do to reduce my tax?
  101. What is a return of income?
  102. From where can I get a return form?
  103. How can I know which form is applicable for my income?
  104. What documents are to be enclosed along with the return of income?
  105. Where and how am I supposed to file my return?
  106. Who is an Assessing officer?
  107. How is a return filed electronically?
  108. I am going out of India. Who will file my income tax return for this period?
  109. Will I be put to any disadvantage by filing my return?
  110. What are the benefits of filing my return of income?
  111. Is it necessary to file return of income when I do not have any positive income?
  112. What are the due dates for filing returns of income/loss?
  113. If I fail to furnish my return within the due date of filing, will I be fined or penalized?
  114. Can a return be filed after the due date?
  115. So far I have never paid any tax. If I file a return this year will the IT department ask me about my earlier years" income"?
  116. If I have paid excess tax how and when will it be refunded?
  117. If I have committed any mistake in my original return, am I permitted to file a corrected return?
  118. How many times can I revise the return?
  119. Am I required to keep a copy of the return filed as proof and for how long?
  120. There are various deductions that have not been reflected in the Form 16 issued by my employer. Can I claim them in my return?
  121. Why is return filing mandatory even though all my taxes and interests have been paid and there is no refund due to me?
  122. Am I liable for any criminal prosecution [arrest/imprisonment etc] if I don"t file my income tax return even though my income is taxable?
  123. What are the benefits of obtaining a Permanent Account Number [PAN] and PAN Card?
  124. I have lost my PAN card but remember my number. Do I necessarily need to get a fresh card?
  125. I have been allotted two PANs. Which number should I use?
  126. If I do not surrender the additional PAN number, is there any problem?
  127. By mistake I have been using different PANs for different purpose like one for my demat account and another for filing my Income Tax return and paymen
  128. Is it mandatory to file return of income after getting PAN?
  129. What is considered as Salary income?
  130. What is meant by an employer-employee relationship?
  131. What are allowances? Are all allowances taxable?
  132. I am always on tour and my employer gives me substantial daily allowance, most of which is saved. Will this saving be treated as income?
  133. My employer reimburses all my expenses on grocery and children's education. Would this be considered as income?
  134. During the year, I had worked with three different employers and none of them deducted any tax from salary paid to me. If all these amounts are clubbe
  135. Even if no taxes have been deducted from salary, is there any need for my employer to issue Form-16 to me?
  136. Is pension income considered as salary?
  137. Is Family pension considered as salary?
  138. If I am receiving my pension through a bank who will issue Form-16 or pension statement to me- the bank or my former employer?
  139. Are retirement benefits such as PF and Gratuity taxable?
  140. Are arrears of salary taxable?
  141. Can my employer consider relief u/s 89(1) for the purposes of calculating my tax liability?
  142. My income from let out house property is negative. Can I ask my employer to consider this loss against my salary income while computing my tax liabili
  143. Is leave encashment taxable as salary?
  144. Life insurance amount received on maturity along with bonus - is it taxable?
  145. What do you mean by "Income from House Property"?
  146. If a property is not a residential house, can its income still be considered as income from house property?
  147. What are the conditions for taxing income from a property under this head?
  148. Can interest paid on hand loans taken from friends and relatives be claimed as deduction while calculating house property income?
  149. I have two houses. One is a farmhouse that I visit on weekends and the other is in the city that I use on weekdays. Is it correct to treat both these
  150. I own two houses both of which are occupied by my family and me. Is there any tax implication?
  151. My spouse and I are joint owners of a house constructed by availing housing loan separately. Are we both individually/separately entitled for deductio
  152. My spouse and I jointly own a house for construction of which both of us have invested equally out of independent sources. Can the rental income recei
  153. I have 5 separate let out properties. Should I calculate the house property income separately for each individual property or by clubbing all the rent
  154. What does "Profession" mean?
  155. I have a large piece of land which I sold by dividing into smaller plots. However I am not in the real estate business. Would this one time activity s
  156. What books of account have been prescribed to be maintained by a person carrying on business under the Income tax Act?
  157. Are professionals required to maintain any books of account under the Income tax Act?
  158. I am a small time trader. Do I need to maintain any accounts?
  159. Where should the books of account of my business be kept and for how long?
  160. Do I have to keep an accountant to maintain my account?
  161. What is meant by audit of the books of account?
  162. In my business it is impossible to issue bills for every transaction. How can I be expected to maintain proper accounts?
  163. I am a medical practitioner. Do I need to maintain any accounts?
  164. Can an electric contractor also avail the benefit of deemed income provision?
  165. I own 7 cars that are let out on hire to various organizations. Am I also eligible to declare presumptive income without maintaining any books?
  166. What are the expenses that I can deduct from my business receipt while calculating the business profit?
  167. What do you mean by revenue expenditure?
  168. In what form can I claim deductions for capital expenses incurred in my business?
  169. I am engaged in wholesale business and also have a commission agency. My turnover from wholesale business this year is Rs.38 lakh while my commission
  170. I am an Insurance agent. I incur substantial expense on travel and also meet the first few insurance premia of my customers. However I have no documen
  171. I have sold a house for Rs.5 lakh, which had been purchased by me 5 years ago for Rs.2 lakh. Am I required to pay any tax on the profit of Rs.3 lakh e
  172. Sale of what kind of assets attracts capital gains?
  173. What does transfer mean?
  174. Does the capital gain tax differ according to my period of holding an asset?
  175. Can I get any benefit for erosion in the value of money over the years while calculating my gain on sale of asset?
  176. I have sold a property and made profit. If the sale amount is reinvested in purchase of a site, is my profit exempt from tax?
  177. If I sell my land will I be taxed?
  178. What is TDS?
  179. Is TDS relevant for me as a businessman
  180. I have made some deposits with a bank on which annual interest is around Rs.15000. My income is below taxable limit. The banker wants to deduct tax.
  181. I have let out a property for Rs.20,000 per month.The tenant is deducting tax that is more than my tax liability.What can I do under this circumstance
  182. I have deducted tax from payments disbursed but used the same for some urgent financial needs. What are the consequences?
  183. What can I do if I am unable to get the TDS certificate [form-16 or 16A]?
  184. I have not received TDS certificate from my employer. Can I claim TDS deducted from my salary?
  185. If the employer does not deduct tax and employee also does not pay his due tax, who will be held responsible for tax payment?
  186. I am buying a property from a person residing in USA. Should I deduct tax while making payment?
  187. Can I use PAN to pay the TDS deducted into government account?
  188. In case the deductee comes back stating that the original TDS certificate is lost, whether a duplicate certificate can be issued?
  189. What is the mechanism by which the department checks the correctness of my return of income? Would I be given an opportunity to present my views
  190. What recourse is available to me if I am unhappy with the order passed by my Assessing officer?
  191. Some demand has been raised by my Assessing officer after assessment. Can I pay this demand in installments or seek time till my appeal is settled?
  192. Bank Branch Audit - Statutory Audit with Tax Audit
  193. Interest on NSC is allowed under 80C or not
  194. Bank Branch Audit - 2010 - Procedures and Guidelines
  195. What is non performing asset?
  196. What is the Difference between the Bill & Invoice
  197. FORM 27A in Excel Format
  198. Changes proposed in the Budget 2010 regarding Wealth Tax
  199. What is the possibility of introduction of GST and DTC after Budget 2010
  200. Is there any change in the Budget 2010 regarding CST
  201. Difference between Mortgage, Pledge and Lien
  202. Menu Options For Taking out Reports in FINNACLE
  203. penalty u/s 271B
  204. NPA not borrower-wise
  205. bank audit fees
  206. Salaries employee - tax planning with house property
  207. Letter of representation - lor
  208. TDS ON INTEREST PAID TO NBFCs - A major voilation in TDS
  209. internal audit
  210. Disclosure in Profit & Loss Account of Bills Paid Which are in Excess of Liability Admitted in Previous Year’s Accounts.
  211. Classification of Partly Secured Advances in Accounts
  212. Salaried Employee- tax planning through dearness allowance
  213. Salaried Employee- tax planning through pension & Provident Fund
  214. Verification of Investments – Treatment in Accounts.
  215. Classification of “Current Liabilities” and “Secured Loans” in Accounts
  216. Auditor’s Duties relating to Documents which are not affixed with Revenue Stamp as per Indian Stamp Act
  217. Medical Allowance V/S Medical Facility
  218. Hold Listed Securities for more than one year
  219. Tax Planning for Non Resident
  220. Residential Status
  221. Classification and Definition of Contingent Liability
  222. Provision for incomplete assignments and its disclosure in the financial statement
  223. Commuted Pension V/S Uncommuted Pension
  224. Leave Encashment- During the employment V/S At the time of retirement
  225. Estimation of liability for outstanding claims
  226. Accounting for acquisition of a trademark
  227. subsequent expenditure on capital assets
  228. Audit of expenditure incurred by a director on foreign trips
  229. Treatment of reserves arising on amalgamation in the nature of merger
  230. Treatment of expenditure with regard to purchase of small items of plant and equipment
  231. Classification of buildings into freehold and leasehold in the schedule of fixed assets
  232. Accounting for equipments owned by an enterprise installed with another enterprise for use by the latter
  233. Valuation of long-term investments
  234. Accounting treatment of expendable wells in upstream oil industry
  235. Treatment of interest paid on compensation for lands acquired.
  236. Work-in-progress in a consultancy organisation
  237. Accounting for the difference between the issue price and the market price of a share
  238. Accounting for spares
  239. Whether debit balance of the profit and loss account should be included in free reserves for the purposes of section 293(1)(d) of the Companies Act
  240. Treatment of interest earned on investments against specific funds
  241. Estimation of liability for outstanding claims
  242. Period for which the auditor should maintain the audit working papers/files.
  243. Value of intervening waste products
  244. Capitalisation of engineering overheads
  245. Change in pan data
  246. Forged documents filed by borrower
  247. Provision for disputed income-tax/interest demands from Income-tax authorities in respect of which appeals are filed with higher authorities
  248. Accounting treatment of machinery spares of capital nature purchased subsequently as replacement of worn-out spares
  249. Treatment of fees paid for prepayment of loan
  250. Accounting treatment of machinery spares where the principal item of fixed asset has been fully depreciated