Registered A.D.


Date .



Dear Sir,

I, the undersigned, give you notice that the Indenture of lease deed dated . made between myself of the ONE PART and yourself of the OTHER PART under which you hold the .. contains inter aria the following covenants to be observed and performed on your part viz. Clause . of the said lease deed also provides that in case of a breach of any such covenant, the tenancy interest in the said properly will be forfeited and the landlord would have a right of re-entry.

2. As you have without my knowledge and consent made alterations in the said property and taken illegal possession of the underground room by breaking open lock of the same, thereby violated and are still now continuously violating the covenants of the lease (which are not waived or condoned by me), I hereby give you notice of determination of lease and call upon you to quit, vacate and deliver quiet and peaceful possession of the property to me within . days of the receipt of this notice, failing which I shall exercise my right of re-entry and file a suit for ejectment, damages and mesne profits against you at your entire risk as to costs and consequences.

Yours faithfully