Office of the Commissioner of Sales Tax8th floor, Vikrikar Bhavan Mazgaon, Mumbai 400010.
No.JC(Maha.vikas)/Automation/2014/ ,Mumbai Dt. 06.02.2014, Circular No. 5T of 2014.
Subject: Invitation of suggestions formodifications/ changes/amendments in the procedures, rules and the actsgoverned by the sales tax department in view of revamping of automation systemof the Sales Tax Department.
The existent automation system of the sales tax department encompasses various functional modules of automation like Registration, Returns, Recovery, Refunds and Assessment etc. Each of the Modules has been developed on the concept of automation of physical processes underlying each of the functionalities. The Department has also established its own web site for an interface with the tax payers and has provided various e services to them.
The existing system of automation of the department is being revamped and an RFP for the selection of a new System Integrator (S.I.) has been floated.
The revamping of automation is aimed at i) reducing the physical interface with the tax payers by providing them hassle free e services, ii) implementation of the sales tax law through the most modern means of automation and iii) causing verifications only in respect of appropriately selected tax payers. In the process, some modifications/changes/amendmentsmay be required to be made in the procedures, rules and the acts governed by the sales taxdepartment.
In view of the above, the tax payers, tax consultants and employees of the department are requested to send suggestions with respect to (i), (ii) & (iii) of preceding paragraph only for creating a hassle free, efficient tax system which is aimed at providing ease’ of doing business, attaining the higher economic growth and thereby complementing the overall development. The suggestions may be in the form of modifications/changes/amendments in the procedures, rules and the acts governed by the sales tax department.
Since the new S.I. is likely to start working from March 2014 it is appealed to send the suggestions latest by 20 February 2014 on the email id
(Dr. Niteen Kareer)
Commissioner of Sales Tax,