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Guidelines for financial assistance

Ministry of Water Resources
PP Wing – R&D Division

Guidelines for providing financial assistance to other organisations
for seminar/conference/workshop/training course and similar events

1. Introduction

Financial assistance towards organising Seminar/Conference/Workshop etc. on topics related to various aspects of water resources is provided by Ministry of Water Resources(MoWR) to various organisations. The assistance is provided under the R&D Programme of MoWR. Fund provision for the same has been made under component “Support for dissemination of research findings and technology transfer” under the approved plan scheme, “R&D Programme in Water Sector” during XI plan.

2. Who can be funded

Financial assistance may be provided for seminar/ conference/ workshop/ symposium and similar events to the following:

• Central and State Government organisations.
• Recognised academic / educational institutions.
• Registered professional and other societies.
• Registered Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO).

The organisations seeking grant may have past experience of organising such events. Further, the Professional Societies and Non- Governmental Organisations (NGO) seeking grants may also be associated with the field of Water for at least three (3) years. The request for the financial assistance will be submitted in the proforma at Annex-I.

3. Subject areas/topics of seminar/conference for which assistance is to be provided

The financial assistance will be provided for organising seminar/symposium/ conference/ workshop and other similar events which are directly related to the priority issues/thrust areas of Ministry of Water Resources. However, events pertaining to other areas of Water Sector and of concern to the Ministry may also be considered in specific cases

4. Extent of funding

The extent of funding will depend upon:

• Themes of the events and coverage of issues related to water resources.

• The level of the event e.g; State level or National or International. Generally, the level of the funding will be as follows:

In general, only part financial assistance may be provided and should not be more than:

a. Rs. 50,000/- for the State level event.
b. Rs. 1,00,000/- for the National level event.
c. Rs. 2,00,000/- for the International level event.

The amount is the upper limit of funding for such events and will not be exercised as a routine. The amount of funding may vary depending upon the importance of the event, level of participation and specific requirement of the case. However, in specific cases such as events which are jointly organised with MoWR, or such other important event, higher funding could also be given.

Other aspects

5. Subsequent funding to the same organisation for the purpose will be considered on the basis of the event conducted in the past and the outcomes, if any.

6. The details of events funded under the R&D Programme will be placed on the intranet/website of MoWR along with a gist of outcome/ recommendations for dissemination to all concerned.

7. Financial assistance may not be provided in general for seminar/conference etc. which are organised by other Ministries / Departments of Government of India. However specific cases in this category may be considered on the basis of importance of the event and other related aspects.

8. It will be ensured by the Subject Matter Division (R&D Division) that funding for mass awareness activities which are included under the IEC Scheme, is not provided under the above component of R&D Programme.

9. Conditions for financial assistance

Funding to such events will be provided subject to following conditions:

• Seventy percent (70%) of the amount will be released as first installment balance amount of thirty percent (30%) will be released after receipt of Utilisation Certificate, copy of recommendations and proceedings of the event.

• The organisers will allow at least 2-4 free delegates (depending upon the amount of financial assistance) for participation in the event without charging any registration fee.

• Utilisation Certificate in prescribed proforma will be submitted by the organisers within three (3) months after the event.

• The financial assistance released will be spent for the purpose of organising seminar/conference/workshop only.

• Three copies of proceedings of seminar along with the recommendation will be submitted within 3 months after the event. Abstract of seminar (1-2 page) containing salient details along with summary of recommendations will also be provided in soft form for putting up on website of Ministry of Water Resources.

Proforma for submission of proposals for financial assistance for
organising Seminar/ Symposium/ Conference etc.

(To be submitted to: Director, R&D Division, PP Wing, Ministry of Water Resources,
Wing- 4, Ist Floor, West Block-I, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110066.
Telefax: 011-26104082, E-mail:

A. Organizational Details

1. Name and address of the Institution/ Organisation organising the Seminars/Symposium/Conference
2. Name(s) and address(s) of the co-sponsoring institution(s)/ organisation(s)
3. Details of privileges including free delegates available to the funding agency i.e. MoWR
4. Name and address of the Chief Organiser/ Coordinator of the Seminar/Symposium/ Conference and constitution of organising committee and its members
5. Designation and address of the official (Account Name) in whose name the cheque/draft to be made, in case of approval.
6. Authorized person responsible for submission of proceedings, recommendation, utilization certificate etc.
7. Details of experience of institution/ organisation in organising such event.

B. Seminar/ Symposium/Conference Details

1. Title of Seminar/ Symposium/Conference
2. Level of event (State/National/ International)
3. Venue of activity
4. Tentative dates and duration of the Seminar
5. General subject of the Seminars/ Symposium/ Conference
6. Objectives of the Seminars/Symposium/Conference and their relevance to the activities of Ministry of Water Resources (Attach a brochure of the proposed event)
7. Justification/Rationale/ Necessity for organising the programme
8. Schedule of the programme (Attach a detailed session wise programme schedule)
9. Number of delegates expected from
i. Within the country
ii. Outside India

C. Financial Details

1. Total budget (probable expenditure) of organising the Seminars/Symposium/Conference along with itemwise details.
2. Financial assistance requested/committed or likely to be received from other organizations, including organizations under the Ministry of Water Resources. (organisation wise details)
3. Grant requested from Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), not exceeding limit indicated in MoWR Guidelines for financial assistance to seminar etc.

D. Financial assistance received in past from MoWR

1. Details of financial assistance received from the Ministry of Water Resources in past for similar purpose.
2. Whether Utilisation Certificate, copy of proceedings/ recommendations were submitted to MoWR or not. If yes, reference details may be given. If not, the same may be furnished with this proforma.

E. Additional information about professional societies/NGOs seeking financial assistance

1. Salient details of professional society/NGO, in brief.
2. Registration details (Attach copy of Registration Certificate)
3. Details of association with water sector in the past (Minimum requirement: Not less than three years)

Date: - Organiser/Coordinator - Signature Name Designation

Date: Seal of Institution - Head of theInstitution - Signature Name Designation

Note: Request for financial assistance should be submitted to the Ministry of Water Resources sufficiently in advance, preferably 2-3 months before the event.