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Thread: Guidelines - Command Area Development and Water Management.

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    Ministry of Water Resources

    Command Area Development and Water Management

    New Delhi July,2010

    1. Introduction

    1.1 The Command Area Development & Water Management (CADWM) Programme has to be implemented in a holistic manner so that it not only improves water use efficiency but also increases agricultural productivity and production and brings sustainability in the irrigated agriculture in a participatory environment. All aspects of the CADWM Programme, need be taken up in an integrated and coordinated manner so as to achieve the envisaged objectives of raising food grains production to meet the increasing need of food for growing population.

    1.2 In addition to 0.35 Mha covered under the centrally sponsored programme during 2007-08 with central assistance of Rs.277 crore, it is proposed to cover an area of 1.32 million hectare (Mha) under the Programme during XI Plan. Survey, planning, design and execution of On-Farm Development (OFD) works is proposed to be carried out in the entire area of 1.32 Mha; construction of field, intermediate and link drains in an area of 0.56 Mha; correction of system deficiencies in an area of 0.105 Mha; reclamation of waterlogged areas in 0.102 Mha, software activities like trainings, monitoring, evaluation, demonstration and adaptive trials as and where felt necessary; provide one time functional grant to registered Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) in an area of 1.32 Mha and meet the establishment cost on construction activities with a total outlay of Rs.1600 crore as central assistance.

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